Mobile Homes Kastanija (resort Kastanija – Istrie Croatie

Mobile Homes Kastanija (resort Kastanija – Istrie Croatie avec Suncamp


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Passez des superbe vacances de camping  en Istrie Croatie. Rien de mieux pour recharger vos batteries pendant les vacances.

Vous voulez passez vos vacances en toute liberté en Istrie, alors laissez vous séduire par les voyages camping Suncamp.

Mobile Homes Kastanija (resort Kastanija

Central location in Istria
The resort of Kastanija is located in a forest in Croatia, almost directly on the coast, slightly north of Novigrad in Istria and has sunny and shaded pitches.
Attractive and small scale
The small scale family resort has many little swimming pools and access to the pebble beach. Kastanija resort is a great destination for nature lovers and has beautiful green spaces. The accommodation area is car free and there is a mini-club for children. There is a new wellness centre so that you can relax even more during your holiday. There is a restaurant at the neighbouring campsite, as well as a children’s play area. There are also places to horse ride a few kilometres away from the park.
Centrally located for Umag, Poreč, Rovinj and Pula
The central location makes it convenient for visiting Umag, Poreč, Rovinj and Pula. Each place worth seeing in its own right. Umag is a small harbour town on the northwest coast of Istria. It is the entrance to Croatia from Europe. Poreč is a town with much to offer in terms of culture, tourism, sport and enjoyment. Traces of the area’s history are visible in the old town.
Rovinj is a typical Istrian town, positioned on a hill with narrow streets and stone houses. It has a special atmosphere. Inhabitants of Pula have always been linked to the sea and fishing, which is why you can find the best seafood restaurants here. However, do not forget to spend some time inland visiting the authentic villages and magnificent landscape.
A holiday in Croatia at the Kastanija resort is highly recommended!

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